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Monday, February 25, 2008


Monday, February 25, 2008

The days I have in DMC General Ward were so great and sad. The encounters with the nurses and doctors were also immensely sensible. The patients as of this time, for sure are still sick and not doing well (some of them are dying).
I was assigned in the Nephro room. Obviously, the patients there are those who have problems with their kidneys but I had also a patient with retinoblastoma admitted in that room. She was staying for awhile in the NEPHRO room because the ONCO-PEDIA ROOM—where she should be was fully occupied by other cancer patiens. If it’s your first time in that room, you’ll find the patients look like they have no problems with regards to their health. But actually, they have the worst problem this world has. Actually, all of them admitted in that ward are having problems (FINANCIAL, HEALTH, and FAMILY support).
Let me just share to you a scene I which my duty mate cried after seeing my patient. She is a patient with Retinoblastoma. She was acting so weak during my days in the ward. Back to my duty mate’s reaction after seeing her- - she cried after seeing that little girl with a mass on her left eye. That mass protruded and you can clearly see the mass. After seeing it, my duty mate ran outside the room and I followed her and asked her what happened. I was slightly worried after seeing her teary eyes. I thought I did something wrong to her. She explained that it was not me who made her cry. It was the child (girl with retinoblastoma). According to her, she was saddened by what she saw. Then after that, she went to her patient’s room.
While walking going back to my patient’s room, I asked myself why I did not felt the way she felt with that child. I told myself “you should not act like that. You will lose objective attitude towards the patient if you do. You keep that in your mind and don’t sympathize.” As I entered the room of my patient, I saw her again and complaining of pain. She was in her father’s lap when I came.


gbelle said...

yeah..that is sad....yeah..if naa siguro ko didto i may have felt the same way you did.. medyo manhid sad ko usahay..hahaha.. but being manhid is something that I am grateful about makes me "invincible" to things that break others down..hhhmm.. i think that being a student nurse means to have the perspective of having more of the empathy side rather than the sympathy side.. why? it's because when you start to put yourself on somebody else's shoes, then you will know the right things to do..