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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Windstruck (part2)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The movie takes a turn into the daydream genre in its second half, after Myung-woo is unintentionally shot and killed by another officer (although the situation is such that Kyung-jin thinks that it was her shot that killed him) as Kyung-jin chases after a criminal. Kyung-jin falls into a “with nothing to live for” depression over his death and attempts to murder herself several times, finally almost subsequent when she throws herself off a building, only to be saved when a giant balloon floats under her. Soon after, she experiences visitations from Myung-woo, who appears as the wind, sending her messages and, at one point, he even appears in her dreams in order to provide her the will to live after she is almost shot to death by a

In the end, the film follows a comparable trail set out by the American film Ghost with Myung-woo and Kyung-jin communicating and sharing one final gesture of love before he moves on to the afterlife. Myung-woo said that he will speak softly, when she hear him whisper in the wind, she will meet someone with a soul like him. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that he always beside her, which a book and a photo left by Myung-woo in the bistro before he rushed to meet Kyung-jin who was chasing the insane criminal.

In the first half of the motion picture, Myung-woo told that his only reminiscence was his high school trip. The book and the photograph is found and returned to Kyung-jin in the police posting. The photo shows that Myung-woo trip and close by was Kyung-jin. This proved Myung-woo "I always beside you." to Kyung-jin. Kyung-jin dash out to discover the finder, till in the train station, where she is saved by Cha Tae-Hyun (credited as The Guy) in the train station, Myung-woo whispered that the chap is the one that with the spirit like him. Kyung-jin speak softly that "He is always beside her.”


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