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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nursing Day 2008 (Monday)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This year’s nursing day is too exciting! This is the best Nursing Day for the three years I stayed at University of Mindanao.
The increasing tension and anxiety of upcoming nursing day was felt and everyone is doing their best to make their moves and pieces perfect! The practice was scheduled every afternoon. All of us in the classroom have joined different events for the nursing day. Some joined NEO-Ethnic dance, Extempo, quiz bowl, Mr. and Ms. Nursing. But the very firs thing we practice every afternoon is the pantomime for cultural show in the pageant night. Everyone were so cooperative and giving their best for the practice! In fact some of us donated necessary materials for the props. I was the director of the pantomime (but of course the overall facilitator of the pantomime is randy- a fourth year student appointed by Miss GLP to watch over us). The main casts were meticulously chosen and I believed they were doing well at their roles as actor and actresses. The pantomime by the way was all about the Lapu-Lapu and the great explorer, Ferdinand Magellan.
The day ended well!


EDIZA G.I. said...

DILI man ko gapanaway.. I like nga the picture of "S-migol" cute siya...

gbelle said...

hhhmm.. sayang....i wasn't able to participate.. if this really is the best nursing day ever, i think ive been screwed! huhuhuhu....... ge lang... there will be more for me to come..haha. im glad you all had fun though..:)