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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wednesday, June 3, 2009
I remember vividly how my grandma used to make homemade ice cream. It was a family event. We'd all gather around while she loaded up the machine with rock salt, ice, and all of the ingredients. Then came the hard part - cranking, cranking, cranking...

Not so today - 20 minutes in an electric ice cream maker is all you need! It's easier than ever to create delicious, homemade ice cream. No rock salt, ice, or hand cranking is required! You simply whip up your 'batter', pour it into the maker's frozen tub, turn the unit on, and 20 minutes later you have fresh, home-made, custom flavored ice cream.

Kids love making ice cream! They love to help in the kitchen. This is a fun, family activity! Even more fun is the wacky flavors kids come up with. Try making peanut butter, banana dream, or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Encourage them to be creative.

But don't limit your ice cream fun to just making and eating it. How? Craft with it! We'll show you how! And you don't really need an ice cream maker. Most of the following ice cream fun can be enjoyed without one. Simply use softened, store-bought ice cream in place of the homemade. Add some kids and common household items and you're ready to play. Enjoy!"


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