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Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 Every Day Tips to Help Avoid Neck Pain...

Thursday, August 14, 2008
At work or in the home office...
1. Learn to touch type:
Small up and down motions of the head from document to screen creates a repetitious stress on the muscles and joints of the neck. This can lead to neck, shoulder, upper limb pain and headaches.
2. Computer Monitors:
Get a larger one! A 17 inch monitor should be the minimum but these days even larger monitors are readily available. This reduces the strain on the eyes and the muscles of the neck.
3. Computer set-up:
Get an ergonomist (someone who is trained in worksite set - up and lay out issues) to come in to your work place. Ergonomists are usually from a variety of backgrounds but are commonly physiotherapists or occupational therapists that have undergone post graduate training in Ergonomics.
4. Laptops:
Use a docking port. Laptops are convenient and good for short term use, but as a full time terminal they are poorly laid out. A docking port will allow the user to place the screen and the keyboard in a better relationship to each other. Alternatively plug in an additional keyboard to enable you to raise the laptop and screen into a more suitable position.

5. Font:
Set the default screen font to a larger size so you are not squinting and stretching forward to read the document which places additional strain on the neck muscles.

Getting Around...
6. Car: Driving position
Sit with good posture when you first sit down then adjust mirrors accordingly. If your head is creeping forwards you will notice the mirrors are now in the wrong place and you will adjust your posture to suit. Ensure your seat height and leg position is correctly and individually adjusted to suit you.

At bedtime...

7. Sleeping:
Do not sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach causes you to twist the neck for hours at a time resulting in strain to the small joints of the neck. Over time this can do permanent damage.

8. Pillows:
Get a pillow that supports the natural contours of you neck. This will be different for everyone depending on your size, sleep position and existing head/neck posture. Importantly, the head must be relaxed and supported comfortably.

9. Breastfeeding:
The joints of the neck are particularly susceptible during this period due to bending over the newborn and the release of pregnancy hormones that soften the ligaments. Make sure both mother and baby are well supported to avoid the prolonged head down posture during feeding.

10. Posture:
Maintaining good upright posture keeps the joints of the neck in their mid position which prevents strain. Seating should encourage good posture, which starts from the lumbar spine and pelvis.


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fahmi087 said...

I like this article. I rarely got neck pain. I normally got it because of bad sleeping posture. Other than that I think I just fine.

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L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Good tips that remind us of the right things to do. Even though you give your tips for specific things, I think they are so general that they would work for many other things in our life. Thanks for reminding us again.