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Friday, April 4, 2008

Coffee is out- Tea is IN!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The connection involving caffeine ingestion and bone loss is not comprehensible, as lots of studies have publicized. Researchers have initiated an elevated rate of spinal bone loss among coffee drinkers or those who drink 3 or more cups per day, but bone loss in the hips and legs appear unaltered by caffeine consumption.

Numerals of other studies have come up no other verification, and none of the results were very considerable when bone loss was detected.

Nevertheless caffeine/coffee has small effect; tea does seem to get better the strength of bones in women. Flavonoids and fluoride may be behind the benefits of tea. 1200 women were studied, and those who measured themselves 'tea drinkers' had stronger bones than folks who did not sip tea. How much tea is necessary to get any bone benefits was not recorded. Adding together a bit of milk to your tea puts in an extra calcium boost up.


pandi merdeka said...

wow seems i have to drink more tea and less coffee.. and by the way thank for dropping by, keep da blogging spirit

Edwin Nguyen said...

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Lotus Flower said...

Sorry but can't drink neither for the moment. Am try to lower my BP :-)

But cheers anyway, whether it is tea or coffee

Moon said...

I don't really drink coffee.Alright,
I'll try having a tea tomorrow

Anonymous said...

nice post. :)) i love tea, i know it's better. though i know it makes the teeth somewhat yellowish. right?? :))

Stephanie said...

I do love coffee and tea. I think there are many variables to causing bone degeneration. For many it is diet related, some have a genetic disposition for bone loss and of course in the USA people don't exercise enough. By putting good stress through exercise along with good nutrition many people have been able to regain bone lost previously.